Little Black Dress Success Club with Zest Lifestyle

Will I be able to get into my little black dress this Christmas and New Year?  Just one of the questions we start asking ourselves at this time of year as the countdown to the festivities begin.  I met Rachel McGuiness of Zest Lifestyle recently and loved her approach to helping people identify exactly where they are going wrong with their health. When she told me that she was launching a 30 Day Little Black Dress Success Club this November, I asked her to share some information on how she can help more people feel fab this Christmas.

Over to you Rachel…

“Want to look party ready for the holiday season?

I used to dread the holiday season, knowing that I’d struggle to get into a dress that would make me look as glamourous as I wanted to be and feel confident about how I looked. When I discovered the tiny lifestyle and diet tweaks that have made an incredible difference to my health and figure, everything changed.

Now I actually look forward to giving my Little Black Dress an outing!

Almost every woman, and plenty of men, dream of looking their very best at Christmas. You might picture yourself giving off that inner glow by the light of a beautiful Christmas tree or radiating vitality as you strut your stuff on the dancefloor. But, by time December arrives, six weeks of gloomy, dark weather may have taken a toll on your healthy eating mojo. Salads are no longer a tempting option and you have already turned to comfort foods like curries, pies or mashed potatoes to keep your energy levels high.

Not only that, but the time it takes to get work projects delivered by the end of the year, or deliver the perfect family Christmas mean that improving your health is the last thing you are going to be able to prioritise.

Make this the year you look your very best in your Little Black Dress

I’m here to make this the year you look your very best in your Little Black Dress (or dinner jacket!). I’ve packed everything I know into this slimmed down, 30 Day Little Black Dress Success Club.  Designed to kick-start your metabolism, so you can get your dress done up on your big night out and give you the kind of inner glow you usually only see on a Chanel No5 advert.

You can start the programme on either the 1st, 7th or 14th of November, and for the next 30 days you’ll be in my care. It’s a really simple programme – easy to learn and to live with. It was designed by me – someone who was dangerously overweight and needed to make big changes. I used these exact techniques myself to lose several dress sizes and lots of weight.

  I will also provide:

  • Ideas for family friendly meal ideas – so you aren’t struggling to find something you all want to eat, or cooking two meals.
  • Accountability – I will keep you honest and make sure that you are on track. If you’ve tried dieting before you will know that it’s a lonely business.  Having someone to be accountable to makes all the difference.
  • Daily support in the private Little Black Dress Diet Facebook group where you will find a regular stream of recipe ideas, tips, recommended workouts and the additional support of a community who all want to achieve the same goal.

This is all yours for only £97

Go to: to find out more and join me for 30 days.”


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